The 405 Premieres "Cigarette" From Alex Bloom TODAY! Single out 4/12/19

“'Cigarette' is a high-energy, indie rock gem that veers drastically from Bloom’s mellower material from the past, i.e. 2018’s ‘Elevator.’ Moving from the sweet, melancholic folk that’s become synonymous with Bloom, his sound has inhaled just the right amount of secondhand smoke, exhaling an infectious and fuzzy freak-folk number that even leans a bit garage.” – The 405

Rolling Stone Country Includes Justin Klump In "10 Best Country Songs To Hear This Week"

““I’ll keep holding onto you, darling,” Justin Klump sings during “The Other Side,” a gentle folk-pop song inspired by a friend’s bravery in the face of an upcoming operation. Written on the piano and laced with light instrumental touches, the song is driven forward by a steady percussive pulse, as though it’s meant to evoke the heartbeat of a patient who refuses to give up.” - Rolling Stone Country