Vortex Magazine Premieres "Speak To You" from Camp Crush

“With the ongoing reign of social media, it might be easy to believe connection is ubiquitous. After all, it’s at our fingertips. Isn’t it? For Jen Deale and Chris Spicer of the new wave band Camp Crush, it is quite the opposite. Moments shared person to person feel like a rarity that should to be pursued and preserved in order to maintain the fabric of society. To them, connection is revolution.“ - Vortex Magazine

Reviews Pour In for "Weird" from Juliana Hatfield - available 1/18/19

“Far from reclusive, Weird is a gregarious, idiosyncratic pop album that invites the listener to meet it on its own terms, but Hatfield is absolutely fine if it's rejected. She's cool being on her own.” - All Music

“A collection of acerbic gems from the Nineties star – complaints like “Paid to Lie” and “Everything’s for Sale” are leavened by her hard-candy coo, sticky melodies and gnarly riffs.” – Rolling Stone

“…32 years after she debuted with the brilliant indie-pop band Blake Babies, Hatfield has never grown complacent, and continually puts new shine on her wry alt-rock storytelling” - The Guardian UK

“…two highlights are All Right, Yeah and Do It To Music, both joyous testaments to strapping on headphones and dancing alone to make everything a whole lot better.” “ - Sydney Morning Herald

Contrasting thematically, Hatfield’s previous solo album of original material, 2017’s Pussycat, dealt exclusively, and decisively, with the current commander-in-chief after the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Nearly two years later, with other projects mixed between, Weird is no less powerful, and the topic—Hatfield herself—is no less important.” – Cryptic Rock

"Few artists can claim to have as bulletproof a back catalog as Juliana Hatfield. If you’ve dug any of her records along the way, then you’ve probably dug them all” - SoundBlab

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