San Francisco Weekly Album Spotlight: Turning of the Fall - Steep Ravine

Album Spotlight:
Turning of the Fall — Steep Ravine

Equal parts folk, Americana, and bluegrass, San Francisco quartet Steep Ravine also pays homage to jazz and rock in its swirling, string-heavy productions.

Turning of the Fall, the band’s third album, released on Friday, April 7, is its most polished yet, encompassing a range of styles, sounds, and moods. “Out My Window” is a string-filled slow-burner that crescendos at the midway point, and “Wallflower” is a galloping guitar number with soft-spoken, multi-tracked vocals that remind one of Simon and Garfunkel. Mellow rocker “I’ve Tried” has lyrics — “Believe me / I can’t change / My heart / I’ve tried” — that sound like something out of a Marshall Tucker Band album, and there are two songs on the record — “Interluder” and “Highland Hornpipe” — that are entirely instrumental.

The compositions of the songs are inventive, ensuring that no two tracks sound alike, but there’s an earnest, roots-y undercurrent within every one that helps tie the album together. With so much going on in each tune, Turning of the Fall is the kind of record that warrants more than a cursory listen.