Popmatters Premieres "Grand Execution" From Shannon McArdle

"The first single, "Grand Execution" reveals that everything we love about McArdle remains intact a decade on from her first LP, The Summer of the Whore. She has a willingness to tell the truth through pain, a singing voice that alternately seems ethereally and all too human, an ability to make her case with economy and knowing in a way that is familiar but never trite." - Popmatters

Juliana Hatfield's "Physical" In NPR's Heavy Rotation

"When Juliana Hatfield takes on Olivia Newton-John's "Physical," coyness gives way to assertiveness, turning the lyric "Let's get physical" from a request into a demand. Hatfield double-tracks her vocal to bring some gloss and depth to the verse, matching the mood of Newton-John's original. But the bracing tumult of the mid-track solo tips us off and by the last chorus, the foreplay is over. Hatfield adds some snarl to her tone singing, "Let's get animal," leaving next to no trace of the knowing seduction in Newton-John's original recording." — Donald James, WGBH

Cryptic Rock Speaks With The Ben Daniels Band

"Raised on a steady diet of The Blues, and observing his dad play guitar, Ben would eventually find his calling to pursue a career in music, quickly going onto forming his own band. A talented lyricist, Ben has consistently put out original music for some time now, and more recently, is gearing up to hit the road with his band and dad for some touring across the USA. An exciting opportunity for the father/son team, Ben took the time to chat about his introduction to music, working with his dad, plans for future songs, plus more." -Cryptic Rock