Molly Thomas & The Rare Birds Release "Honey's Fury"

“Molly Thomas & The Rare Birds play a particularly tasty brand of Americana music. Music steeped in smoked whisky flavors and then dipped in southern Alabama charisma.” - Rawckus Magazine

Multi-instrumentalist Molly Thomas sings with a raw power that commands attention. The Rare Birds are purposeful. Every note and instrument choice serves the song in the best possible light.” - Making A Scene

Early Reviews for Hollering Pines album "Moments In Between" out 6/7/19

“"What makes [ The Hollering Pines ] noteworthy is the way they make each song an experience through razor sharp imagery, whether transporting the listener into the feeling of heartache pulling you under like the ocean (“Somebody”) or being in the position of a woman standing valiantly in her decision to abandon an unworthy love (“How to Treat a Woman”)." - No Depression

“Possessing a sweet and mellifluous voice [Marie Bradshaw] delivers Americana Country made perfect when coupled to her sister’s voice (Kiki Jane Sieger) in memorable harmonies. Throughout the album the stories and lyrics have a reflective and perceptive woman’s touch.They seem personal and peppered variously with heartfelt regret, gratitude and occasional relief at escape.” - Americana Music Show